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Forsett Injury: Harbaugh gives a clue on how serious it is

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

During today's presser, John Harbaugh was asked about running back Justin Forsett's injury and whether he could clue everyone in on what type of injury it was.

It's not a high ankle, I can tell you that

It isn't the biggest insight in the world, but it is something that is important to distinguish. A high ankle sprain can often times be longer to heal and can linger in athletes that require their feet to move more like a running back. The biggest difference is that high ankle sprains are a different set of ligaments that are injured. The ligaments injured in a high ankle sprain are a shock absorber of sorts for the tibia and fibula and are under an extreme amount of force during normal walking with even more during running and changing direction quickly.

Under normal circumstances, a high ankle sprain can take double the time to heal as a typical ankle sprain. Because a running back relies so heavily on these ligaments to make the necessary cuts and "turn on the jets," it is easy to reinjure and takes extra time to heal.

While we don't know the exact definition of the injury Forsett has, crossing a high ankle sprain off the list is a positive that should have Ravens fans feeling a little relief towards his chances of playing against the San Francisco 49ers.