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Ravens vs Browns: Ravens won't use injuries as an excuse

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are currently sitting at 1-4 after an overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns. It's the first time in the Ravens' 20 years as a franchise that the team is sitting at such a lowly record. One could easily look towards the injuries at just about every position as a major reason for the team's current state, yet the Ravens refuse to let that be an excuse.

After the loss on Sunday, Joe Flacco reiterated that point as clearly as it could be.

It’s a part of every season. You have to deal with it, and we might have a lot right now. It’s just part of the game, and you can’t use that as an excuse.

Cornerback Jimmy Smith was on the same page as well, talking about the next man up for a secondary that is in it's second year with the injury bug.

It’s huge when you’re players go down, but it’s no excuse. The next man has got to stand up. We practice this all the time, so it’s no excuse.

During a season like this one so far, a lot of fans will think that the players just don't care. Get it straight, these Ravens are just as disappointed as you all are if not even more. They know that the injuries have seriously hurt their season in 2015 just like they did in 2014, yet they also recognize that the next young man needs to get into the lineup and perform like they are starters.

The Ravens have the slimmest of chances to redeem this season, but it does require a team that refuses to put an excuse on it and instead plays their hearts out. While we've yet to see it this season, this is at least the proper first step.