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Ravens Secondary Coach Matt Weiss Should Be Put On Hot Seat As Well

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees has received some blame for his defense. Ravens secondary coach Matt Weiss should share some blame as well.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees has gotten a lot of the blame for what is going on overall with this defense. The Ravens over last four seasons under Pees have lost 11 games in which they had the lead in the fourth quarter.

The Ravens defense since 2012 has allowed at least 335 yards a game each season which will be the most in a four year stretch in the Ravens franchise history. Pees is the top coach on defense so he will have to share the majority of the responsibility.

However, Ravens secondary coach Matt Weiss should be put on the hot seat. Weiss has been with the Ravens since 2009 and worked under Ravens fan favorite Chuck Pagano in the secondary. Weiss, having worked for the Ravens that long has obviously done some good things. But the constant mistakes in the secondary this year is not exactly one of his finer moments.

Whether it is the lack of tackling, taking the wrong angles on passing plays, or the lack of discipline in terms of safeties helping over the top it is a problem all around.

How many times will Ravens safeties in Will Hill III and Kendrick Lewis not help over the top? When will they stay in their assignments? There are obvious situations where cornerbacks in Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb for example are helping defend the underneath routes but Hill and Lewis sometimes are somewhere else forgetting they are supposed to cover the back end.

Yes, Hill and Lewis deserve to be criticized for those mistakes. They deserve more criticism than the coaches in these certain situations because they continue to make those same mistakes over and over. But it is up to Weiss as well to run a tighter shift in making sure they don't do it again.

Sometimes it feels like Hill and Lewis think they are Ed Reed and roam around in coverage however they like. Wrong.

It's Weiss' first year as the main secondary coach. Maybe he just deserves more time. But time is running out because if this defense doesn't get any better, don't be surprised if the Ravens decide to clean house in some surprising ways in the 2016 offseason.