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Do you want the Ravens to tank?

Do you hope that the Ravens try and right the ship and get to .500 or do you want them to play for draft position

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are 1-4. Their playoff chances are minuscule and the defense is under-performing with the talent that is has, letting the offenses efforts go to waste.

What do you think they should do?


Tread water for Treadwell, Bust for Bosa, Be Horrible for Hargreaves. You get the idea, lose games so that the Ravens can draft high enough to give Joe Flacco the elite wide receiver/ offensive tackle prospect that he's never had/ eventual successor to Terrell Suggs/ elite defensive back prospect.

The Ravens aren't getting to the playoffs, but they can certainly use this time to get a look at the team and determine who should get cut/fired and who deserves a new contract.

Try and get to .500

Just because the Ravens aren't going to make it to the playoffs doesn't mean that they should throw in the towel. John Harbaugh is one of four coaches who have won a Super Bowl and never had a season with a losing record. The Ravens should try and finish the season with dignity by winning as many games as they can.