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McCown eclipses 450 passing yards

Where is the defense?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Within four quarters Josh McCown dominated the Baltimore Ravens with over 400 yards in the air. By the final score, McCown racked in 457 passing yards.


The highest passing yards in a single game in NFL history is owned by Norm Van Brocklin at 554 yards in 1951. Josh McCown was 100 yards from breaking the record. Just outside of the top 50 sits Josh McCown playing the 2014 Baltimore Ravens. In essence we fans witnessed history. A career game by the quarterback, and demise of any hopes getting back into a wild card race.

Josh McCown becomes the third quarterback to destroy the Ravens secondary. Derek Carr, Andy Dalton and now McCown have a combined 1,191 yards passing on the Ravens. By not being able to stop the short, intermediate, or deep passing games the Ravens have allowed an astounding 98 points.


Peyton Manning 462 yards against the Ravens in 2013 with the weapons: Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker & Julius Thomas.

Josh McCown 457 yards against the Ravens in 2015 with the weapons. Brian HartlineTaylor GabrielTravis Benjamin, and Gary Barnidge.

Mccown added the new franchise record for passing yards for the Browns, and it will be forever linked to the Ravens. With not a single fan other than Browns fans themselves knowing whom these receivers are.