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Cleveland Browns score on a butt catch

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

You can't blame the defensive scheme, the decision to blitz or even Will Hill III for not being able to get the ball way from Gary Barnidge. This is just one of those plays that leave you speechless and confused as to what the hell just happened.

Will Hill gets a hand on the ball, bats it down. It hits off the receiver's thigh, then Hill's heel and then is caught between the receiver's legs. I've heard the term "pulled that out of your ass" but I doubt that it was supposed to be meant literally. Even the referees standing right there next to the play were confused for what seemed like a minute. Up until they ruled it a catch and put their hands in the air, calling it a touchdown.

Sadly, this is the touchdown that would be the major turning point in the game for the Browns and Ravens. After this, the Ravens' defense fell apart even more and begun their death spiral.