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GameThread: Ravens vs. Browns

The divisional rival Cleveland Browns come into town today, and the Ravens are looking to give them a 'Baltimore Beatdown'.

Larry French/Getty Images

Last week's game was pretty exhillarating, and it felt like a game that we shouldn't have won. Alas, a win is a win, and it was a very key one too. While the odds are slim for a 1-3 team to find their way to the playoffs, they are practically nonexistent for any team with the poor fate of starting out winless.

So join us for the wild ride that is Ravens football this afternoon. We have all of the coverage you could possibly want. From live Tweets, a live broadcast, and excellent journalism, we have it all. We're the best in the business, and we're proud of it.

So here is what we have to offer for you on this beautiful gameday.

  • StoryStream: SBNation's StoryStream keeps all of the news about the game in just one place. Why go anywhere else when it is all on one page?
  • Live Broadcast: Our editors Matthew Stevens and Kyle Barber team up to make the best broadcast team around. Mute those annoying cable announcers, and listen to fans who know their stuff.
  • Interactive Odds: Let your prediction be heard. Thanks to our friends over at The Crowd's Line, we have a pretty neat widget in which you can make your predictions. So far, we are in 3rd place amongst the 32 SBNation NFL blogs for accuracy.
  • Live Tweets: I'll be managing our Twitter handle, @BMoreBeatdown. You're in for a lot of gifs, pictures, and overall nonsense during the game should you follow us.

So have fun this gameday, and as always, go Ravens.