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Ravens vs. Browns: Game Odds

'Sin City' likes Baltimore's odds, do you?

Rob Carr/Getty Images
It's a battle of two struggling teams, but you know it's going to be a good one. With the Browns and the Ravens both trying to claw their way out of the bottom of the AFC North, this game means everything. Not only is it a heated divisonal rivalry, but also a contest with playoff hopes on the line. Considering that on average, only one 1-3 team makes the playoffs each year, a 1-4 start would be dreadful.

So with a lot balancing on the result of this game, the oddsmakers in Vegas have got Baltimore coming out on top at home. Here are the lines.

  • The Crowd's Line: Ravens 25.4 - Browns 19.5
  • Vegas: Ravens 24.7 - Browns 18.2
So what do you think happens? Thanks to our partners at The Crowd's Line, we have this nifty tool where you can make your prediction heard and compare it amongst other SBNation blogs. So far this year, the Beatdown is in third place for accuracy amongst all other SBN blogs. That's down one slot from last week.