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Ravens Defense Finally Tighten's Up- Sign Of Things To Come In Week 5 And Beyond?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens enter week 5 against the Cleveland Browns with a little bit of momentum after their win in week 4 against the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. The Ravens defense down the stretch against the Steelers held up on fourth down on two separate occasions giving their offense a chance to win the game and they did that. Does this mean that the Ravens defense has turned over a new leaf?

No, it doesn't. If the Steelers had a kicker who does his job the Ravens might be looking at 0-4 right now. If the Steelers had their starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger play, the Ravens might be 0-4.

All this means is that the Ravens defense has a little bit of confidence back to get the job done down the stretch and they might deal with another close game against the Browns this week. However, confidence doesn't always mean that execution will follow along with it.

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees deserves credit for the way the Ravens defense held up as they allowed zero points in the fourth quarter and overtime. But it takes more than one game to right the wrong's the Ravens defense has been involved in for most of this season.