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The Free Agency Market: Wide Receivers

Do the Ravens take a look with Perriman out?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of Breshad Perriman's hype train completely dismissed due to the recent news of knee surgery, could the Ravens front office take a look at some free agent receivers?

Looking over the market it is slim pickings mixed in with some veterans. Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne, but a big name that could be the deep threat for Baltimore is Brandon Lloyd.

Brandon has been known to "hit the nine route" very quickly and thoroughly. His wheelhouse has always been the deep threat. With Baltimore completely lacking the playmaker to run huge routes does this make a possibility for the team to sign Lloyd?

Last season with the San Francisco 49ers Lloyd played around 24 snaps per game and only totaled 14 catches. With it came 300 yards and a single score. At 34 years old maybe it's a desperate cry for help from the Ravens to sign such a player, but the current 0-3 record may need such a hail mary signing. Maybe it's time for Ozzie to ask for a work-out from Lloyd.

Another possibility being added to the mix is Nick Toon. Currently on the practice squad for the St. Louis Rams but nonetheless another deep threat and young player with speed. In New Orleans Toon was expected to fill the role with Kenny Stills out. Clearly that didn't happen, but he is another candidate that Ravens could receive on the cheap and maybe see production. His last year totals were 17 catches in 7 games for 215 yards and a single touchdown. Maybe with Flacco force-feeding him targets the numbers could rise dramatically.