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Ravens vs. Steelers: Game Odds

Based on last week, you readers might have what it takes to be Vegas oddsmakers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

By some small miracle, the Ravens are predicted to win a game. Despite the Baltimore squad traveling to the hostile environment of Heinz Field, the oddsmakers still have the Ravens coming out on top against the Roethlisberger-less Steelers. It's a little surprising that the Ravens would be favorites after their early struggles, but this shows just how much losing your quarterback affects a team.

With that said, here is what the folks in Vegas are forecasting for the result of tonight's game.

  • The Crowd's Line: Ravens 24.3 - Steelers 20.7
  • Vegas: Ravens 23.3 - Steelers 20.5

So what hat do you think happens? Thanks to our partners at The Crowd's Line, we have this nifty tool where you can make your prediction heard and compare it amongst other SBNation blogs. So far this year, the Beatdown is in second place for accuracy amongst all other SBN blogs. That's up three slots from last week, keep it up!