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Friday Ravens links: Bill Belichick's recommendation, preparing for a freezing game

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Read what others are writing about the Baltimore Ravens.

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Bill Belichick recommended John Harbaugh for Ravens job

When the Ravens were searching for a new head coach in early 2008, Patriots coach Bill Belichick recommended John Harbaugh for the job, writes The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson.

Jeremy Zuttah on Vince Wilfork: 'You can't move this guy'

The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec writes that center Jeremy Zuttah will have his hands full trying to block nose tackle Vince Wilfork this weekend in Foxborough.

Is Joe Flacco the best quarterback in football? I don't really care.

Purple Reign Show's Phil Gentile has a similar opinion to mine, which is that it doesn't matter whether Joe Flacco is the best, good, great, elite, whatever. What's important is that he wins, which he does.

These Ravens are resilient's Clifton Brown writes that the 2014 Baltimore Ravens have proven to be a resilient bunch given what they've been through this season.

Ravens, Patriots preparing for freezing temperatures's Garrett Downing writes that both Baltimore and New England are getting themselves ready for a game that will be played in 20-something degree weather.