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Q&A Friday - Baltimore Beatdown and FootballCentral

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We have invited Chuck and Mark from to answer your questions about the Patriots, their players, and the matchup of two classy organizations on Friday.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the divisional round of the playoffs against the Patriots, the Ravens will be facing their toughest match-up of the year to date. To help the readers of Baltimore Beatdown become a little more familiar with Baltimore's opponent on Saturday, we have invited Chuck and Mark from to answer your questions on Friday.

Want to know what they think the Patriots will do offensively? Wonder if Brady is starting to slip? Can the Patriots defense really handle January Joe? Now is the time to ask the Patriots experts!

We ask that all Baltimore Beatdown members enter in their questions below via the commenting system so that Chuck and Mark can come back on Friday to answer. Please be kind to our guests and ask your questions about the Patriots, their players, and the match-up. Please keep the trash talking to a minimum and be respectful.

Leading up to gametime, we will be putting together another article about their keys to the game for Baltimore to be victorious, so expect to see these guys around a bit this week.