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The aftermath of Wild Card Weekend predictions

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How did we fare in predicting the Wild Card round?

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A recap of how the Baltimore Beatdown guys fared following this week's Wild Card games:

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers


Chuck Mills, Michael Sedjro, Rocky Friedman, Matthew Stevens, Jason Butt, Dylan Guy and Brian Malan all chose the Panthers, with most of us saying something along the lines of Carolina should win because the Panthers are streaking, and because the Cardinals are starting Ryan Lindley.

Daniel Park and Kyle Barber chose the Cardinals on the hopes that Ryan Lindley would stay out of the defenses' way.


Panthers win 27-16, and if it weren't for Panthers miscues on offense and special teams, things would've been much worse for the Cardinals. Behind Lindley, the Cardinals were only able to muster up 78 total yards during the game. That's the worst offensive performance in the postseason since the 1958 Cleveland Browns had only 86 vs. the New York Giants.

What's Next:

For the Panthers, they have to try and clean up their offense and special teams, because that's not going to cut it in Seattle.

For the Cardinals, all they can do is wait for their starters to get healthy so that they can send Ryan Lindley far,far away and never let him come back.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers


Daniel Park, Chuck Mills, Matthew Stevens, Kyle Barber and Brian Malan chose the Ravens, saying that the Ravens would have an advantage as the Steelers would be going without Le'Veon Bell on a rainy day, that the defense was on a roll and would save the day, and of course, Joe Flacco would continue his January domination.

Jason Butt, Rocky Friedman, Dylan Guy and Michael Sedjro all chose the Steelers, saying that the Ravens corners would not be able to stop Markus Wheaton, Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant.


The Ravens out-muscled the Steelers on both sides of the ball to win the game 30-17.

What's Next:

For the Ravens, as Bill Belichick might say, they're on to New England.

For the Steelers, they have some decisions to make about the future of the defense, as Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, Ike Taylor and Brett Keisel are entering the twilight years and James Harrison, Brett Keisel and Jason Worilds are entering free agency. Also they should try to find a reliable No. 2 running back to go behind Le'Veon Bell, as the Steelers can not expect him to stay healthy with the amount of abuse he takes.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts


Daniel Park, Matthew Stevens, Chuck Mills, Rocky Friedman, Dylan Guy, Michael Sedjro and Brian Malan all said that the Colts would beat the Bengals, with most of us saying that Andy Dalton would choke again.

Jason Butt and Kyle Barber said that the Bengals would win, believing that the legs of Jeremy Hill would carry Cincinnati to victory.


The Bengals lost 26-10 and Andy Dalton couldn't get much going in the passing game.

What's Next:

For the Colts, they go on to face Peyton Manning and hope that they can stop C.J. Anderson and keep rolling on offense.

For the Bengals, they have to try and fix a pass rush that only mustered 20 sacks this season.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys


Jason Butt, Matthew Stevens, Kyle Barber, Chuck Mills, and Dylan Guy predicted that the Cowboys would grind out the win behind DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo.

Daniel Park, Rocky Friedman and Brian Malan predicted that the Lions would stop the Cowboys rushing attack and that Tony Romo would choke.


The Lions lost 24-20. Be that because of refereeing, or because of a failure to make plays on offense is up to you.

What's Next:

For the Cowboys, they go to Green Bay, who has not lost at home behind a good defense and a monstrous Aaron Rodgers.

For the Lions, they have to try and bounce back on offense.