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Torrey Smith plays Answer the Question with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein

See Torrey Smith participate on SB Nation's Super Bowl game show.

Ravens receiver Torrey Smith was kind enough to appear on camera with Dan Rubenstein for SB Nation's Super Bowl game show Answer the Question.

Rubenstein, dressed somewhat like a 1970s game show host, grilled the Ravens wideout on a variety of questions, including whether there are more Super Bowls than presidents and what life is compared to in the movie Forest Gump. Smith showed his smarts on most of them but did have an early-answer slip-up that had his family, watching him off-camera, disappointed — at least according to Rubenstein.

All in all, this makes for great entertainment and is yet another way you can waste some down time this Friday afternoon.

While Smith is all fun and games at the moment, the Ravens are likely seeing what they can do to bring him back to the roster for next season.