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Marshawn Lynch, Rob Gronkowski play Mortal Kombat X on Conan and it's amazing

This will be the best 11 minutes you spend today.

Conan O'Brien out-did himself by getting Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on his show to play Mortal Kombat X against each other.

There are so many awesome moments in this including:

Lynch: I punched the s--- out of him with an uppercut.


Conan: It filled me with like a sexual thrill.

Lynch: If that gave you a sexual thrill, you are a sick person.


Conan: Gronk, use your bumblebees!


Conan: You can't do that!

Lynch: Yes the f--- you can!


Gronk: He listens to you. I think he's your b----!

Conan: I'm your b---- Marshawn.


Lynch: Don't trip, it's all good as long as you keep winning.

Conan: Stop telling me not to trip, I'll trip when I got to trip.