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Joe Flacco: Elite Tipper

Umm.... that's not 20%

WOW, Joe Flacco must have been saving a bunch of money on post-practice pizza parties with Dennis Pitta.

Or... maybe Joe Flacco felt sorry for someone having to live in Pittsburgh?

Or... maybe Joe Flacco was excited that he ate a meal in Pittsburgh without someone spitting in it?

Or... maybe Joe Flacco is just a really rich nice guy.

Whatever the case, this photo has been floating around the inter-webs of Joseph Flacco's (not James Flacco) ELITE tip at a Pittsburgh establishment a day prior to he and the Ravens battling the Steelers in the first AFC Wild Card game of the playoffs.

Frankly, I'm sick of waitstaff constantly posting receipts of famous patrons because in a world where there is almost no secrecy to their lives, they have to worry about not being able to eat a meal in peace. However, I'll talk about Flacco because he's a genuinely nice person, he's certainly not cheap, and after receiving so much hate despite being one of the most successful quarterbacks in his era - he deserves some good publicity.

As a routine 20% tipper myself, I thought I was doing the right thing. Now Flacco just makes most of us look bad.