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Josh Gordon fails drug test, could be subject to suspension

The wide receiver is facing a year long suspension again for violating the NFLs' drug policy.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Some people just never learn.

Half a year after getting a season-long suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy, that later got renegotiated to 10 games, Browns receiver Josh Gordon is facing another season long suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Subsequent reports indicate he tested positive for alcohol.

It's been a long fall for Gordon, who at this point last year was playing in the Pro Bowl after having a breakout season in only 12 games, after being suspended for four games last year.

This doesn't look good for Gordon, who gave a lackluster performance during the last five games of the Cleveland Browns season and was suspended for the Week 17 finale against the Baltimore Ravens because he showed up late to a walkthrough on Saturday because he was partying the previous night.

This brings up new issues for the Browns about Gordon's reliability and now makes their hole at wide receiver larger.