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Ring of "Honor"? Jamal Lewis pawned Super Bowl XLVII ring - now up for auction

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You can be the proud new owner of Jamal Lewis' 2012 gift from Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

Want to own an actual Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring? It'll currently cost you $18,000.

Goldin Auctions currently has the Super Bowl XLVII ring given to former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis by the franchise up for sale. According to the description, the ring is a massive size-15, made of 10K white gold weighs 87.72 grams and contains 3.75 carats of diamonds. You'll even be able to present it nicely with the original display case.

The current bid is $18,000, with four bids being placed and the auction concludes later this month.

Also from the post:

"The spectacular Super Bowl ring is accompanied by paperwork from the pawn shop where Jamal Lewis pawned his rings."

C'mon man!

If Lewis pawned his Super Bowl XXXV ring, I could understand. It's something he earned and knowing that he once hit some serious financial problems, filing for bankruptcy in 2012, listing $14.5 million in assets with $10.6 million in debts. Part of that was a $350,000 default on a loan to M&T Bank, the same corporate partner that holds the naming rights to the Ravens stadium.

What I have a major problem with is Lewis getting rid of the Super Bowl XLVII ring, a gift given to him by the owner of the Ravens, Steve Bisciotti.

Earlier in that 2012 championship season, Lewis stood on the field of M&T Bank Stadium and was inducted into the Ravens "Ring of HONOR" for his career with the franchise. Once the Ravens won the Super Bowl, Bisciotti went over the top with a nice gesture and purchased rings not just for the front office, players and coaching staff, but he literally bought rings for each and every employee of the Ravens, even down to the interns.

He also purchased rings for all Ring of Honor members. Notable figures include Lewis, Hall of Fame tackle Jonathan Ogden, pass rusher Michael McCrary and kicker Matt Stover.

Lewis did absolutely nothing to earn this ring, it was a gift. This probably is the same reason the ring had no value to him, which is why he could set it free for a few bucks inside a pawn shop.

Regardless, his actions aren't very honorable

Nothing is given to you in the NFL, but hopefully the Ravens will once again hoist the Lombardi trophy within Lewis' lifetime. If and/or when that happens, I hope Bisciotti once again gives rings as a good gesture to those legends of the franchise, but doesn't even invite Lewis to the ceremony or any team function from here on out.

It's downright disrespectful. Let Lewis ride off into the sunset and let's not ever trot him around the franchise again talking about "honor."

There's also an angle pointed out by @thenflanalyist on Twitter, saying that maybe Lewis was forced to sell it due to his bankruptcy filings. Either scenario is bad, but I wouldn't feel as bad if this was the case.

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