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Ravens hit a home run with hiring Marc Trestman as offensive coordinator

Marc Trestman is a great hire at offensive coordinator.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive year the Ravens have hit a home run with their offensive coordinator hire.

This time last year, bringing on Gary Kubiak was seen as quite the coup, given the success he'd had the two previous seasons in Houston before the 2013 debacle. Not to mention Kubiak had been a success as an offensive coordinator in Denver for many years before becoming a head coach.

With Kubiak chasing his dream job, to return to Denver, the Ravens have struck gold again by hiring former Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman.

For starters, the Ravens won't have to re-tool the entire offense. Trestman is a West Coast offense guy. Kubiak's system was a little different, with designs to move the quarterback around. But on principle alone, they're similar. Though the Bears had a disastrous 2014 season with Jay Cutler at quarterback, the running game was still tremendous for Chicago, with Matt Forte running for 1,038 yards, accumulating 808 receiving yards and scoring 10 total touchdowns. That's another thing you can rely on, the running back in his offense will be a pass-catching machine.

Trestman also has a cool, calm demeanor, which should mesh well with quarterback Joe Flacco in the meeting room. Trestman is exactly where Kubiak was a year ago. A brilliant offensive mind who endured a brutal year as a head coach and lost his job.

But keep in mind, if everything goes as expected with this hire, it may be a one- or two-year rental similar to Kubiak. You don't just hire former head coaches and expect them to become long-term offensive coordinators.

But for the time being, this is a great move for the Ravens that needed to act quickly on getting their guy. And Trestman fits the bill as someone to keep this offense trending upward.