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Ravens hire Marc Trestman to be the team's new offensive coordinator

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The Ravens wasted no time in filling the vacant offensive coordinator position.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was quick.

Not two days after news broke that Gary Kubiak was headed to Denver, the Ravens have hired his replacement. Former Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman will fill the vacant spot of Baltimore's offensive coordinator.

Trestman was at the helm of the Bears for two seasons and experienced mixed results. He was close to a playoff berth in 2013, going 8-8 with Josh McCown filling in at quarterback. In 2014, however, his team hit the skids, doing 5-11 with a lousy defense and Jay Cutler being Jay Cutler.

Regardless of how he was as a head coach in Chicago, Trestman has long been lauded for his offensive expertise.

And in the full circle the NFL often is, Trestman has ties to Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome. Back in the 1988-1989 seasons, Trestman was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Browns when Newsome was at the tail end of  his playing career.