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Joe Flacco Snubbed Himself From The Pro Bowl

With a third child on the way, Flacco chose to stay by his wife's side instead of playing in his first Pro Bowl.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has opted out of the Pro Bowl, opening his spot up to.... Andy Dalton?


Once again, Ravens quarterback has been snubbed, following the best season of his professional career. However, it looks as if it's self-inflicted this time around according to his wide receiver, Torrey Smith.

If Flacco had actually been overlooked in favor of Dalton, it would have been absolutely ridiculous.

Here's a look at the season stats for the two:

Player Games Attempts Completions Comp % Yards Yards/Game TD INT Rating
Flacco 16 554 344 62.1 3,986 249.1 27 12 91.0
Dalton 16 481 309 64.2 3,398 212.4 19 17 83.5

In every category that actually matters (yards, touchdowns, interceptions and quarterback rating) Flacco takes the cake. Flacco has accomplished plenty throughout his seven year career, but still doesn't have the title of Pro Bowl quarterback to his name. With his third child on the way, I doubt he cares. Certainly the title of "father" is more desirable and once you're named the Super Bowl MVP, does a measly Pro Bowl appearance actually matter?

At first glance, hearing Dalton picked over Flacco looked criminal, but thanks to Torrey Smith, we can drop our pitchforks in Baltimore.

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