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Ravens-Steelers rivalry had more offense than normal

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The rivalry games weren't the low-scoring defensive slugfests of old.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the past, Ravens-Steelers games were defined by their low scores, hard-hitting defenses, and a last minute comeback by Joe Flacco/Ben Roethlisberger, and the odd Charlie Batch. This year, there were no late game heroics needed, as the winning team would win by a large margin in games where only one defense would come to play.

First there was the Ravens 26-6 victory in Week 2. The Ravens would only punt twice and Joe Flacco was not sacked and was only hit once. Ben Roethlisberger on the other hand was sacked twice, picked off, and suffered a big hit from Courtney Upshaw. The Steelers would also lose two fumbles, while the Ravens were perfect in the turnover department.

Then there was the Ravens 43-22 loss, where despite forcing the Steelers to some early punts and having three consecutive sacks, the defense would fall apart and allow six touchdowns, while the Ravens had two fumbles and an interception, while the offensive line struggled to keep Joe Flacco safe.

The last game was the Ravens 30-17 victory in the Wild Card Round, where Joe Flacco would only get sacked once, and the Ravens would only punt twice. While a Justin Forsett fumble was lost, it was better than the Steelers five sack, three turnover night and the Steelers were not able to stop Joe Flacco from sustaining drives with shots to Steve Smith, Owen Daniels, Torrey Smith, and Crockett Gillmore.

The Ravens-Steelers rivalry had more of an offensive flair to it that it hasn't had in past years. I'm going to attribute that more to an injured Ravens' secondary and a Steelers defense in transition than to any change in franchise culture.