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As Ravens offensive coordinator search begins, here are five names to keep an eye on

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Ravens now set to begin their search for a new offensive coordinator.

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With Gary Kubiak gone to Denver, the Ravens will now search for their third offensive coordinator in as many years. Here is a new list of five names, given that two of the top three list previously posted are no longer options.

Adam Gase, Broncos offensive coordinator

Gase is likely not going to be a part of the Broncos much longer as Kubiak will likely appoint Rick Dennison to be his offensive coordinator. Gase, 36, did a great job for the Broncos after Mike McCoy left for San Diego, but there's some concern that the offense is Peyton Manning's, not his. Still, he's a highly-regarded offensive coordinator. The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson reported there's interest in Gase from the Ravens.

Marc Trestman, former Bears head coach

Trestman has a great offensive mind and is in need of a new coaching job. Fired after his second season, Trestman's offense did some great things, especially in year one. However, his defense was horrible and Jay Cutler went full on Jay Cutler in 2014. Given the right situation, Trestman could succeed as an offensive coordinator. He could be Kubiak 2.0 if hired.

Rob Chudzinski, Colts special assistant

The former Browns head coach has a great reputation for the offensive side of the ball and had his name thrown around when the Ravens were searching for a coordinator a year ago. However, he never became a serious candidate. Maybe he's an option down the road for the Ravens if they strike out on a few of their top options?

Greg Knapp, Broncos quarterbacks coach

Knapp is currently a position coach but has offensive coordinator experience in stints with the Raiders, Seahawks, Falcons and 49ers. He was also a quarterbacks coach under Kubiak in 2010-2011, so he should know the concepts Baltimore ran this past season. The Baltimore Sun's Wilson has also linked the Ravens and Knapp together.

Juan Castillo, Ravens offensive line coach

This wouldn't be a popular hire from the fan base, but at least opinions have changed on Castillo from 2013 to 2014. Most folks wanted Castillo out after a disastrous 2013 campaign for the line. In 2014, the unit became a strength of the team. Castillo is a friend of John Harbaugh's and could at least receive an interview. But you'd have to think he's at the back of the list and is a deep backup option in case others don't work out.