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Fun Park: Super Bowl XLIX headlines

Projected Super Bowl headlines, which one is your favorite?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Fun Park where your imagination is encouraged to roam aimlessly for eight minutes and 14 seconds.

Quick--best headlines for Super Bowl XLIX.

Seattle Seahawks versus New England Patriots

Should Seahawks win: Russell Wilson shocks the NFL world with back-to-back Super Bowl victories over future Hall of Fame legends, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Should Patriots win: Tom Brady brings the Lombardi back to Foxborough after two failed attempts back in 2011 and 2007, both to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, hence solidifying his legacy and settling the Who's-Better-Manning-or-Brady dispute for good.

Green Bay Packers versus New England Patriots

Should Packers win: After defying all logic and leading a Wild Card team to a Super Win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009, Aaron Rodgers will finally take the Discount Double Check fan off his back.

Should Patriots win: The Packers were too hot to handle earlier this season for the Patriots in their 26-21 loss at Lambeau. More than hyping up the the vengeance angle, a win would give the Patriots franchise four championships, tying Green Bay's total.

Seattle Seahawks versus Indianapolis Colts

Should Seahawks win: Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson on the world's greatest stage? Count me in.

Should Colts win: The first-round overall draft pick wins a Super Bowl and that headline should be enough to propel every NFL fan watching to drop what they're doing and pursue their dreams.

Green Bay Packers versus Indianapolis Colts

Should Packers win: First-round draft selection (21st), free safety Ha-ha Clinton Dix gets the last laugh as he hoists the trophy as a rookie. To think that HCD could've been a Jet.

Should Colts win: This ignites the Colts to go on a Super Bowl-steamrolling rampage as Luck-and-Squad strap themselves and launch into dynasty mode.