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Report: If offered Broncos head coaching job, Gary Kubiak would accept

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It's looking more and more like Gary Kubiak is gone from Baltimore.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Scheffer reported something earlier this morning that has Baltimore Ravens fans up in arms.

Aside from the Denver Broncos job, the Atlanta Falcons are the only other franchise still looking for a head coach. Gary Kubiak, aside from his strong ties to the Broncos organization as a player and coach, is the clear frontrunner and only higher-tier option at this point.

Even other candidates for the Broncos job have cancelled their interviews until they know what the decision is going to be for Kubiak. Earlier this week, both former Bills head coach Doug Marrone and Lions defensive coordinator (former Ravens secondary coach) Teryl Austin said "thanks, but no thanks" to their interview invitations pending Kubiak's name being thrown into the mix.

For Ravens fans, it seems that their only saving grace is current Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase. As a popular name in last year's head coaching search, only derailed by the Broncos Super Bowl appearance, Gase has somehow missed many of his opportunities to land elsewhere. Earlier this week, it was reported that Gase would be interviewing with the Jacksonville Jaguars for their offensive coordinator position.

If Gase is interviewing for similar jobs in other cities, his chances of landing the Broncos head coaching gig are between slim and none. Gase could be a possibility to replace Kubiak in Baltimore as the Ravens will be searching for a new coordinator, but other names like former Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan are also in the mix.