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Ways for the Ravens to free up cap space for this free agent season

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The Ravens have players entering free agency. Before they address that, they will make moves to free up cap space.

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Chuck Mills lists ways the Ravens can help out their 2015 cap situation:

Cut Gino Gradkowski

Gradkowski triggered a escalator on his contract (for doing something) that raises his cap hit to 1.6 million dollars. For a player whose place is on the bench, this is too much money.

Cut Albert McClellan

The Ravens can save $1 million dollars by releasing McClellan and replacing him with someone cheaper.

Cut Lardarius Webb or renegotiate his contract

Lardarius Webb is not playing up to the level of his contract and Ozzie Newsome is no stranger to disposing of under-performing veterans to save money. If Webb is designated as a post-June 1 cut, the Ravens only have $4 million in dead money, compared to $8 million in cap savings.

Cut Jacoby Jones

Jones was never much of a receiver, but whatever usefulness as a receiver he had is now gone and he had more lost fumbles on returns (2) than scores (1).

Cut Chris Canty if he doesn't retire

If Canty doesn't retire, he could very well be done as a Raven. The Ravens would save over $2 million by cutting Canty, who can be replaced by a younger, cheaper player. If Brent Urban doesn't get injured in training camp, Canty might have already been gone.

Cut or extend Haloti Ngata

Haloti Ngata is making $16.5 million, which is more than a defensive tackle that's 30 should be making. The Ravens can reduce Ngata's figure by either cutting him or signing him to a contract that reduces his cap number and makes him a Ravens for life.

Extend Marshal Yanda

Yanda is due to hit free agency after 2015 and the Ravens can save about $1 million in cap space if Yanda is extended.