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Three options for offensive coordinator if Gary Kubiak leaves

Rick Dennison would shoot to the top of the list if Gary Kubiak becomes the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If Gary Kubiak wants the Denver Broncos head coaching job, it's likely his. Sure, he could say thanks but no thanks, but at this point, why waste the time? He's heading out to Denver this weekend and that may be the end of his run in Baltimore.

If that's the case, here are three names to keep an eye on for the potential offensive coordinator search:

Rick Dennison, Ravens quarterbacks coach

The Ravens had a lot of success with Kubiak's system that keeping familiarity in place would seem important. The No. 1 option would likely be to promote quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison to offensive coordinator. Remember, before landing Kubiak, Harbaugh expressed interest to Dennison for the job. Then Dennison suggested Kubiak and the rest is history.

Of course, that only shows the kind of loyalty Dennison has for Kubiak. Therefore, keeping Dennison in Baltimore may be extremely tough, considering Dennison could wind up being Kubiak's offensive coordinator in Denver. However, the Ravens could decide to prevent Dennison from leaving due to his contract. However, that would go against previous history under John Harbaugh.

Kyle Shanahan, Browns offensive coordinator in 2014

Kubiak learned his system from Mike Shanahan, whose son Kyle Shanahan is on the market after leaving the Browns shortly after the season ended. Kyle Shanahan had a great season calling plays in 2012 for the Washington Redskins, but went through a disastrous 2013 season in the nation's capital. Before signing with Cleveland, he interviewed for the open offensive coordinator job with the Ravens.

Given a healthy roster, Shanahan could be successful in Baltimore with the players available. However, it's a huge drop-off in play-calling going from Kubiak to Shanahan. But if both Kubiak and Dennison are gone, Shanahan may be the best available coordinator for the personnel.

However, for this to work out, something with Kubiak would have to develop quick. According to The Chicago Tribune, Shanahan has been linked to John Fox, who is expected to join the Bears.

Marc Trestman, Bears head coach in 2014

Much like the Ravens did with Kubiak last offseason, Marc Trestman could become a former head coach teams target for an offensive coordinator position. And based on just two years of NFL coaching experience, he might have more longevity as an offensive coordinator.

Trestman has a great offensive mind. In 2013, the Bears were a well-balanced group that made few mistakes. His West Coast attack is beautiful when it's clicking. Unfortunately, Jay Cutler went full-on Jay Cutler this year and the coaching staff could not adjust. The season went down the toilet and Trestman was handed a pink slip. Trestman's name has already been linked to the Browns, 49ers and Raiders.

Though Trestman didn't work out as a head coach, he does offer a lot as a potential offensive coordinator. He'd at least be worth considering if Kubiak does in fact leave for Denver.