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Gary Kubiak shouldn't be criticized if he interviews with Broncos

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Gary Kubiak said he would return to Baltimore, but things have changed now.

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As first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter earlier today, the Denver Broncos have asked the Baltimore Ravens for permission to interview Gary Kubiak for their head coaching vacancy. Now, the Ravens and their fan base is sitting on pins and needles to see if Kubiak will accept.

Losing Kubiak would be a big deal regardless, especially because it's expected he'd take those coaches he brought to Baltimore with him wherever he'd likely end up coaching. The Ravens wouldn't just lose the orchestrator of one of the league's top offenses, they'd lose their quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison (likely to be Kubiak's offensive coordinator) and tight end coach Brian Pariani.

Kubiak will be hung out to dry by some fans for going back on his word if he does indeed accept the offer to interview with the Broncos. Following Saturday's AFC divisional playoff loss to the Patriots, Kubiak actually did the Ravens a favor and said he wouldn't be accepting any offers to interview and would return to Baltimore for another season. For such a bad loss, Kubiak saying he'd return for another year made the loss hurt less.

Did Kubiak open his mouth too soon? Possibly.

However, I think what he did was a favor to a franchise that would have much to worry about with his name being floated around for head coaching vacancies even before the Ravens season was over. At the time, he didn't know that John Fox and the Denver Broncos would be parting ways. If he did, he wouldn't have made such a comment.

Things change, and Kubiak shouldn't be criticized for that. Kubiak has deep ties to the Broncos and their horse-faced GM and executive vice president John Elway. Kubiak was Elway's backup for nine seasons in Denver (1983-1991) and was the Broncos quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator from (1995-1998).

Kubiak's relationship with Elway likely means if he's interviewed, he'll probably get the job — especially since Elway is looking for a new head coach because he couldn't get along with his previous one.

In life, your word means a lot. Kubiak gave his word, but the situation has also changed dramatically. In life, we also have the pursuit of happiness and for Kubiak, being the head coach of the Denver Broncos is likely a dream come true. Kubiak wasn't thought to be more than a one-year rental in the first place, so losing him shouldn't, and wouldn't, be a shock.

Sure, I was excited to think he'd be around another season and he still may be. But I won't fault a man for pursuing a better career opportunity, especially for one he's probably dreamed about many times.