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John Harbaugh 'cautiously optimistic' on Dennis Pitta's future

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Harbaugh said the tight end's rehab is heading in the right direction.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Moving forward, there has to be some concern on tight end Dennis Pitta's future.

Early this season, Pitta sustained the same injury he had in 2013, a dislocated and fractured hip that required a lengthy rehab before he was able to get back on the field. After the first injury, it was determined the risk of it happening again was the same as if it never happened. And then it occurred on a non-contact play, which certainly raises the concern that even if he gets the hip back to where it was before the injury that it could slip out again.

For the time being, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he believes everything is pointing in the right direction for Pitta, who (wisely, luckily and fortunately) signed a five-year, $32.5 million contract with $16 million guaranteed.

"I will say that I'm cautiously optimistic because of the injury," Harbaugh told reporters on Tuesday. "We all sit in here [and] all of us would be [like], ‘OK, is this going to be good?' We want to make sure he's going to be totally healthy, totally safe as much is as reasonable in football to make sure that hip is sound and everything before our doctors would ever clear him. In the end, it will be up to the doctors and Dennis to determine that."

The last thing anyone wants is for the same thing to happen again. Now, I'm no doctor but I'd imagine that this same injury happening has to be considered a possibility.

Harbaugh said Pitta has continued working out through the rehab process and is seeing some specialists this week about his hip.

It sure would be a great story for Pitta to be able to get back to where he was pre-2013. But everyone involved has to consider Pitta's safety and health before letting him back on the field in 2015.