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Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

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Now that the Ravens are out of the playoffs, who do you want to win the Lombardi?

Harry How/Getty Images

New England Patriots

The Case For: You like Darrelle Revis and think he deserves a ring. Also, it means that the Ravens gave the best team in the league a run for their money.

The Case Against: Patriots fans are arrogant, and the Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl in 10 years. Imagine if they actually won it this year. If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win four, Patriots fans just might break the Internet singing the praises of Belichick and Brady as the greatest ever. Also, Skip Bayless likes them.

Indianapolis Colts

The Case For: Andrew Luck is a pretty classy guy and the only QB out of the four without a ring. Also, they have Chuck Pagano, Arthur Jones, Cory Redding and A.Q. Shipley, so there are some Ravens connections.

The Case Against: You're still unhappy about the Colts leaving Baltimore. You don't want to see Jim Irsay with another ring. If Andrew Luck won a Super Bowl, he might as well retire now and get into the Hall of Fame.

Green Bay Packers

The Case For: Packers fans aren't too obnoxious and with five Lombardis. Steelers fans might start to get nervous about another contender to challenge their Six Rings throne.

The Case Against: Aaron Rodgers' dance is geeky and you don't like the Hans and Franz commercials.

Seattle Seahawks

The Case For: Russell Wilson is a nice guy. They have a similar identity to the run-first, smash mouth defense, swaggering Ravens. They're probably the biggest threat to the Patriots.

The Case Against: Richard Sherman is pretty cocky. Seahawks fans brag a lot and would brag more after a repeat. Russell Wilson is too much of the good guy. You think that Pete Carroll is a sleaze after USC.

Dark Knight Rises Scenario

You hate all of these teams and you're rooting for the stadium to collapse in regardless of which two teams are in it.