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Broncos to request an interview with Gary Kubiak

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Kubiak recently stated he was returning to the Baltimore Ravens to serve as offensive coordinator.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Kubiak was a backup quarterback in Denver for nine seasons. He was an assistant coach for the Broncos for 11 years. There's clearly a tie for Kubiak when it comes to the organization he gave plenty of years for.

Therefore, when Denver fired "mutually parted ways" with coach John Fox, a lot of immediate speculation turned to Kubiak. However, that sure would be a tough move for Kubiak to make given that he just released a statement that he would remain as Baltimore's offensive coordinator for the 2015 season.

That doesn't mean the Broncos won't try. Kubiak is apparently among their candidates, with ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting that the Broncos are expected to request permission for an interview.

Now, this doesn't mean Kubiak is leaving. Before releasing the statement Sunday night, you'd have to think that Kubiak was aware of the rumors that Fox's job could be in jeopardy without a deep run in the playoffs. It would seem unlikely that Kubiak listens to this overture.

It's the NFL, so who knows — anything can happen. But it would be completely out of character for Kubiak to rescind his word so closely after announcing a return.