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Evaluating the 2014 Ravens rookie class

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How did the rookies fare in 2014?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Mosley

Mosley was an excellent pick. He went on a rampage as his final stat line was 142 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions and one forced fumble. He earned Defensive Rookie of the Month awards for the months of October and December, a Pro Bowl spot, and was named the second team All-Pro, as well as the PFWA All-AFC team. He also has a solid shot for the Defensive Rookie of The Year honor. He looks to be a Raven for years to come, as well as one of the top linebackers in the NFL.

Grade: A+

Timmy Jernigan

Jernigan was mostly a rotational player until Ngata received a four-game suspension for Adderall. Then he broke out. Jernigan had four sacks in the four games without Ngata and was a force in the pass rush as well as the run game. The emergence of Jernigan and Williams makes Ngata's value lower now as the defensive line looks to have some young studs.

Grade: B

Terrence Brooks

Brooks showed some potential at times but he also made his share of rookie mistakes. Unfortunately, a knee injury against the Jaguars ended his season. Hopefully he can claim the starting role in 2015.

Grade: C-

Crockett Gillmore

Gillmore was rated as one of the NFL's best blocking tight ends according to PFF. While Gillmore wasn't the sexiest weapon in the passing game, he was very good at catching the ball when thrown to and wasn't afraid to take a hit. 2015 looks bright for him.

Grade: B

Brent Urban

Unfortunately Urban tore his ACL in training camp and wasn't able to play in 2014. Hopefully he should get on track as part of the pass rush in 2015.

Grade: Incomplete

Lorenzo Taliaferro

Taliaferro was a good backup running back before a fumble derailed his season and a foot injury ended it as he was starting to get carries again. If Justin Forsett isn't brought back, Taliaferro might get a shot, but even if he doesn't he should still get plenty of time as the No. 2 guy.

Grade: B-

John Urschel

Urschel was a solid backup guard when forced to play this season and might have a future as a backup/ replacement guard/center.

Grade: B+

Keith Wenning

Wenning made it to the practice squad, but next year he'll be holding the clipboard probably. So I doubt we'll ever get enough to actually give a complete grade.

Grade: Incomplete

Michael Campanaro

Campanaro was a good depth receiver for the Ravens and could possibly steal the No. 3 spot and possibly return duties.

Grade: C

James Hurst

Hurst had some okay moments when he had to step in at left tackle, but also made his share of slip-ups. More development is needed for him.

Grade: C-

Zachary Orr

Orr was a special teams contributor and seeing how the Ravens can save cap space by cutting Albert McClellan, Orr will probably end up taking his job.

Grade: C