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Playoff prediction aftermath after the Divisional Round

Checking back on our predictions for the weekend games.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots


Daniel Park, Matthew Steven, Jason Butt, Kyle Barber, Michael Sedjro and Brian Malan all predicted a Ravens win, saying that January Joe would fearlessly attack the Patriots defense and that the Ravens defense would attack Brady up front.

Chuck Mills, Rocky Friedman, and Dylan Guy predicted that the Patriots would win as Tom Brady would exploit the Ravens secondary.

What Happened:

Tom Brady exploited the Ravens secondary, as they wasted what otherwise would've been a great day for Joe Flacco, blowing two 14 point leads.

What's Next:

For the Ravens: Retain crucial free agents and fix the secondary.

For the Patriots: Face the Colts in the AFC Championship. Again.

Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks


Daniel Park, Jason Butt, Matthew Stevens, Kyle Barber, Chuck Mills, Rocky Friedman, Dylan Guy and Brian Malan all said that a dominant Seahawks team would have little trouble taking care of a lesser Panthers unit.

Michael Sedjro predicted that Carolina's linebackers would stop Lynch and that Cam Newton's read-option would frustrate the Seahawks defense.

What Happened:

Russell Wilson threw three touchdowns and the Panther had three turnovers, including a 90 yard pick-six to Kam Chancellor.

What's Next:

For the Panthers: Get Cam an offensive line.

For the Seahawks: Another matchup against the Packers, this time for the NFC Crown.

Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers


Daniel Park, Matthew Stevens, Kyle Barber, Chuck Mills, Michael Sedjro, Rocky Friedman, Dylan Guy, and Brian Malan predicted that Aaron Rodgers would lead the Packers to a victory in a shootout and that Tony Romo would choke.

Jason Butt predicted that the Cowboys would stop the Packers offense and that Tony Romo would lead the Cowboys on a game-winning drive.

What Happened:

It was a shootout, as Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo couldn't be stopped. But the Cowboys would go on to lose after a Dez Bryant catch on Fourth-and-1 was overturned, giving the Packers possession, at which point they drove down the field and entered victory formation.

What's Next:

For the Cowboys: Get better defensively, as the unit was still mediocre.

For the Packers: Find a way to beat Seattle.

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos


Daniel Park, Jason Butt, Kyle Barber, Rocky Friedman, Dylan Guy and Michael Sedjro predicted that the Colts defense would be helpless against Peyton Manning and C.J. Anderson while the Broncos pass defense would contain Andrew Luck.

Matthew Stevens, Chuck Mills, and Brian Malan predicted that Peyton Manning's declining skills would not be able to carry Denver to a win.

What Happened:

Andrew Luck threw two interceptions, but the Broncos couldn't capitalize on it as Peyton Manning couldn't attack the Colts defense with his declining arm. Andrew Luck threw two touchdowns, and Boom Herron scored another.

What's Next:

For the Broncos: Contemplate whether Peyton Manning can go through another season of football.

For the Colts: Try to beat the Patriots.