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Was the Baltimore Ravens 2014 season a success?

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How do you feel about the way 2014 went down?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens 2014 season is over. In the following weeks we'll talk about free agency and mock drafts, but let's start off on how we feel about the actual season.

Was it a success?

On one hand it's understandable to say no. The Ravens are a team that is always a contender for the Lombardi, having played seven season in which all 16 games were meaningful, having one of the best win percentages in the NFL, and having had more success in less than 20 seasons of play than some teams have had in three, four, even five times that length. So it is O.K. to be unhappy unless the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

On the other hand it's understandable to say yes. The Ravens bounced back in every category on offense, and set a franchise record in points scored. They made it to the playoffs, despite predictions of and 8 or 9 win season and beat the Steelers in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. All with 19 players on injured reserve.

Either way is fine.