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Ravens assistnat general manager Eric DeCosta isn't leaving Baltimore

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New year, same story.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Perhaps we should have just dug this story from the archives and re-posted it. The year may change, but the outcome stays the same.

Despite having his name floated around to fill general manager vacancies, Ravens assistant general manager Eric DeCosta isn't leaving Baltimore. According to NFL Network's Albert Breer, DeCosta has told interested parties that he's declining their offers to interview.

DeCosta has no reason to leave the Ravens in the first place. Even though he doesn't have the job title, DeCosta is compensated just like any general manager as an attempt from Ravens ownership to keep him around. Once current general manager, Ozzie Newsome, decides to end another NFL Hall of Fame career, this time off of the field and in the front office, DeCosta is expected to take over.

Also, there's the "happy wife, happy life" approach as DeCosta's wife is from Baltimore.

DeCosta will be a general manager sooner or later, but when it does happen, chances are it'll be in Baltimore.

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