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Trade Rumor: Atlanta and Baltimore?

Atlanta rumored to trading back up in the first, supposedly a lineman

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

With a franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan and stud wide-out Julio Jones, the necessity to give your quarterback time is a must. I'm not stunned at all with the rumor of Atlanta wanting to double dip in 2015 on first round talent.

Baltimore is built on depth, and great selections in the draft, and with Ozzie and DeCosta running the show they are known to trade back, and earn even more picks to take young depth talent.

The #Falcons are trying to trade back into the first round, I hear. Maybe for an OL?

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) May 1, 2015 ">

Ozzie & Co will grade without bias, and if nobody is deserving of 26th overall they will answer the call no problem. Not worrying about Atlanta either in the opposing conference, and just finishing playing the specific division, the only opportunity to play the Falcons would be the Super Bowl. This is chess not checkers; so nothing to worry about with Atlanta here. but the picks are flying off the board at this point. Only time can answer if the 26th selection will have purple or red to accompany the black.