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Offensive lineman La'El Collins seeking eligibility in supplemental draft

The saga surrounding LSU offensive lineman La'El Collins continues to get messier and messier as he looks for a way to clear his name and keep his draft status.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

We covered before that LSU Offensive lineman La'El Collins was going to be skipping the 2015 NFL Draft that he was scheduled to be at and instead head back to Louisiana to talk to authorities in regards to the shooting murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

After a while of not hearing from Collins or his representatives, rumors started coming out that Collins was being quickly scrapped from all teams' boards as the uncertainty surrounding him was too much to bet against. Once a projected first round pick, Collins was starting to see himself go completely undrafted due to this mess.

It is now being rumored that Collins will be looking to get out of the 2015 NFL Draft and instead qualify for the supplemental draft. The NFL's Supplemental Draft takes place after the main draft and is for those athletes that would have been somehow disqualified from joining the regular draft. The Ravens picked up offensive tackle Jared Gaither in the 2007 Supplemental Draft in the fifth round.

With the Supplemental Draft, whatever round you pick a player at, you will have to give up next year's pick. However, for players they get the same payment for the year that they are drafted. In Collins' case, if he were picked up in the first round of the Supplemental Draft, he would be paid according to his first round pay cap. Not a bad move considering how he is currently looking, with the hopes that he can clear his name by the time the Supplemental Draft comes up.

The NFL has not announced one way or another if Collins will be able to join the Supplemental Draft, but according to it's CBA, it does not appear as though Collins will have the chance.