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TMZ: NFL never contacted casino about Ray Rice video

If true, the NFL lied a day ago.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of eyebrows were raised on Monday when the NFL released a statement claiming it had never seen the second Ray Rice video, showing him punching his now-wife Janay Rice.

How could an organization such as TMZ get a hold of this video, granted after Revel Casino went bankrupt and closed, but not the NFL?

Well, TMZ is reported Tuesday morning that the NFL never contacted the hotel and casino to get it. And former employees of the Revel Casino claim they would have allowed the league to see it.

Now, this isn't a major revelation that will go a long way. Will the 32 NFL owners feel this is a strong enough story to implicate NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as a liar? Probably not. Plus, even though TMZ has been right on a lot of stories, it still has that tabloid reputation.

What's evident is here is that by all means Goodell and the NFL should have had access to this video one way or another. Whether they consciously turned a blind eye to it is for each reader to decide.