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Players who should get their opportunities soon

The Ravens have some young guys that deserve to get more playing time over some veterans.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Campanaro

Jacoby Jones was underwhelming as the punt returner and his fumble almost lead to disaster. Michael Campanaro was skilled at returning punts in the preseason and he should get the job as punt returner and let Jacoby handle kickoffs.

Lorenzo Taliaferro

Justin Forsett is the starting runningback after Bernard Pierces' fumble landed him in Harbaughs' doghouse and after yesterdays' events it appears he'll stay that way. But Lorenzo Taliaferro was the NFLs leading rusher in the preseason and I think that he should be the primary backup behind Forsett and not the #3 RB.

Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown was inexplicably benched on Sunday,but he should get more playing time,if only for the fact that the Ravens need to rotate their inside linebackers around during games

Christio Bilikudi

The Ravens claimed Bilikudi off waivers for the purpose of adding to the defensive line. He should get playing time sooner rather than later to keep the rotation.