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Chris Canty calls Ray Rice's actions 'deplorable,' condemns national media for airing video on television

Chris Canty was among Ravens players asked to comment on the Ray Rice's release, stemming from a second video published by TMZ.

J. Meric

The Ravens roster lists defensive end Chris Canty at 6-7, 317 pounds. However, that doesn't mean the big man doesn't show emotions. That's exactly what happened Monday night when reporters gathered around him in the Ravens locker room in the wake of Ray Rice's release earlier in the day.

"It was a deplorable act, he made a terrible error in judgement," Canty said.

He then focused on the media's handling of the footage first released by the gossip site, TMZ.

"I was in shock," Canty said when he first saw the video. "My first thoughts were I don't think it's appropriate to show it on television. You have to think of the victim, Janay, in this situation. To force her to relive that physical and emotional abuse is wrong, it's absolutely wrong, and some media outlets have chosen to air it regardless of her feelings. I'm not sure if they reached out for her consent, but it's wrong."

Canty didn't distinctly say if he agreed with the decision to release Rice, but he understands why the Ravens acted the way they did.

"I think if you're looking at the best interested of our football team, that decision was made," he said. "Whether I agree with it or not, we're professionals and we have a job to do. We have a game on Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers and we're in a tough spot right now as a football team."

Rice was more than a co-worker to Canty, he was a friend. Like most of us, Canty is baffled with the situation from someone that seemingly otherwise displayed a high character over the previous six years he was with the team.

"I'm a Christian, you hate the sin but you love the sinner," he said. "I don't want to indict or character assassinate Ray, but it's tough to understand when someone commits an act like that. It's tough to understand and rationalize, it's inexcusable so you recognize that it's out of character and it's disappointing. You're hurt.

"I will ask everyone to be cognizant in the fact that it's easier to point a finger in blame than to lend a hand of help. It's clear they need help for what they're going through and they've been seeking and they will continue to do so I'm sure."

As he had mentioned earlier for his concern for Janay Rice's well-being, Canty said he was there to support the couple.

"I'm not sure how it was represented, " Canty said, when he was asked if Rice told the story the same way the video depicted. "I really didn't get into that as much as letting him know that we knew he was going through a lot and we try to give him the space and privacy to go through that. We wanted both of them to know that we were here for them."