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TMZ alleging NFL knew about Ray Rice video, chose not to obtain and watch it

Stay tuned tomorrow, folks.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about TMZ.

They pay for news. They're way looser than most mainstream outlets out there with sources. But they're the ones that got both videos that sent Ray Rice out of the NFL — at least for the time being and perhaps for good.

Now they appear to have something more to this story that's been the focal point of today's sports programming.

TMZ's Harvey Levin appeared on FOX 5 D.C. Monday night and said the NFL knew about this video's existence and chose to ignore every means to obtain it. Earlier Monday, the NFL released a statement saying the video was never made available for it to see.

Levin said TMZ will have the story posted on its site Tuesday morning.

Here's the FOX 5 D.C. interview: