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Ravens awarded Christo Bilukidi from waivers, cut Fitzgerald Toussaint

The Ravens added a defensive lineman while waiving Toussaint.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are now down to three running backs on the 53-man roster.

On Monday, the Ravens were awarded a waiver claim of defensive tackle Christo Bilukidi, who was let go by the Cincinnati Bengals. As a result, the Ravens released running back Fitzgerald Toussaint.

That said, the Ravens are still at 52 players on their roster right now.

Bilukidi was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the sixth round of the 2012 draft. He was released by Oakland halfway through the 2013 season.

It does make you wonder if the Ravens are looking to add another player, either at running back or cornerback. Possibilities include bringing cornerback Derek Cox back to the 53-man roster or hoping they get a waiver claim of someone like running back LaMichael James, who was waived by the 49ers on Monday.

Toussaint would still be a prime candidate of hopping back on the practice squad.