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Ray Lewis 'disappointed' after seeing Ray Rice video, says it's 'personal' for him

Ray Lewis gave his take on the second Ray Rice video that was released to TMZ Monday.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ravens linebacker turned broadcaster Ray Lewis was part of the ESPN Monday Night Countdown opening at 5 p.m. that addressed the video published Monday showing Ray Rice punching his now-wife Janay Rice.

Lewis, Rice's teammate and mentor, was asked about his thoughts on it. Lewis began his air time with some tough words for Rice, as the video related to the Pro Bowl linebacker on a personal level.

"I'm disappointed. This is personal for me," Lewis said on-air. "I'm torn because this is a guy, a young man, I really took up under my wing and tried to mentor to make sure he had a successful career and stayed away from things like this.

Lewis added, "My mom went through that. It was one of the greatest things that drove me in my life, was to make sure a man never touched my mom again. I witnessed that. There were times I went through beatings with her."

He concluded his remarks with, "For me, it stings. It stings because I've always — he's a friend. he's a friend. I've always tried to take this young man in and give him something different, teach him something different, educate him while he was going along this process. ... When you watch this video you see that something was lost by him, by this young man. Some leadership was lost. He got out there and started doing his own thing. And that's what happened. What's in the dark is going to come to light."

Lewis said he spoke with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti over the phone, with the two talking about the decision the club had to make.

"When [Bisciotti] saw this video himself, he put anyone that's connected to him that was a female in that position," Lewis said.

But Lewis added that he didn't see any links between Rice's issue and what he went through during a 2000 murder investigation that he later pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in.

"One thing [Bisciotti] made clear [on the phone call], there was no comparison of me and Ray Rice," Lewis said. "It's night and day. It's night and day with anything we've ever been through."

While Lewis expressed disappointment, he said he wants to meet with the former Ravens running back to help get him on the right track with whatever he does with the rest of his life.

"Sometimes friends tell you what you want to hear," Lewis said. "Best friends tell you what you need to hear. I told him that I will be there to talk to him. I really want to sit down and I want to know what's going on in his heart, where his mind-set is. I want to know what's next for Ray Rice. I'm not talking about football. Where do you go from here as a man? Where is your focus right now?"