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Full Ray Rice video emerges

The never ending story that has been Ray Rice's offseason domestic abuse pops it's head up again as TMZ release the full video of the incident.

Rob Carr

The never ending story that has been Ray Rice's offseason domestic abuse pops it's head up again as TMZ release the full video of the incident.

When the event first happened and initial video was posted, there was much speculation around the event and who was at fault. Regardless of the setup, Rice was charged and subsequently allowed to enter a diversionary program where he won't see any jail time with good behavior and meeting some other community service oriented mandates.

The National Football League and the Ravens saw some fans blast both due to bad PR campaigns and a seemingly small two game suspension. Expect the Ravens and the NFL to see a far larger blasting from fans as well as the regular population as the new video is far more disgusting than the last. 

The video starts with Rice checking his phone in the lobby while waiting for Janay. Words are exchanged and Rice lunges at Janay as she walks by. Janay slaps Rice and they both enter the elevator. The video changes to inside the elevator with Janay pushing the floor button and standing in the corner as Ray Rice crowds her a bit causing Janay to lean back slightly. More words are exchanged in a clear verbal fight at this point before Rice throws a left hook at Janay's head. Janay swings wildly trying to deflect the hit causing Rice to step back to the other side of the elevator. She steps towards Rice and he throws another left which connects with her head. The hit lifts her off her feet slightly and causes her to hit her head on the railing of the elevator which knocks her unconscious. Both punches were by Ray Rice and were hard, short shots.

At this point, the video after this is what we have already seen. Rice stands around for a bit looking more frustrated at not being able to brush this off than for knocking his fiancee out cold and eventually trying to carry her from the elevator before being stopped by staff.

The event looked bad to begin with but it looks even worse now. Neither Ray Rice or Janay appear to be intoxicated to the point of falling down but there is clearly some composure issues for both of them that might have to do with alcohol.

Look for the Ravens, the NFL and possibly Rice and Janay to make a statement about the newly released video at some point this week.

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