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Ravens-Bengals final score: Cincinnati leaves Baltimore with 23-16 win

The Ravens had a poor offensive showing for three quarters, which was the No. 1 reason for the loss.

Rob Carr

For three quarters it was the same Ravens offense from the 2013 season.

It was a group that struggled with consistency, dropped passes, poor decisions and turnovers. Then the fourth quarter happened and the offense woke up. But as the old saying goes, it was too little, too late.

The Bengals were ultimately able to beat the Ravens 23-16. If there was one group to pin this on, it would be the offense's performance for three-fourths of the game.

In the game's first three quarters, quarterback Joe Flacco had 160 yards. He threw for 185 in the fourth, which included an 80-yard bomb to Steve Smith. If the offense can play with the kind of urgency seen in the fourth quarter, they'll be OK. If the first three quarters are indicative of where this team is at, they'll be in trouble.

Of course, everything seemed great for the Ravens after the 80-yard bomb to Smith. Then the Bengals answered with one of their own to A.J. Green for 77 yards shortly after.

It was a classic AFC North game, with plenty of drama. But the Ravens will have to get over this loss quick and get ready for another AFC North showdown, this time with archrival Pittsburgh on Thursday.