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Steve Smith and Terrell Suggs read mean tweets about themselves

Two Ravens are featured on Jimmy Kimmel's popular Mean Tweets segment.

The power of Twitter is great as it allows some everyday common-folk to interact with celebrities and athletes they look up to. While many are out to encourage, some are out to simply troll and say things to people's faces that they'd never do in person.

Internet trolling is a real thing and even though many athletes won't even read their mentions on Twitter, the fine folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live have done not only a great job with incorporating social media into their show, they have the absolute best segment called Mean Tweets.

In preparation for last night's NFL kickoff between the Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, Kimmel's crew brought in NFL players (and super sexy Erin Andrews) to read mean tweets about themselves. Included in the tweets were two Ravens, wide receiver Steve Smith, Sr. and Terrell Suggs.

Did you know that Smith is old and Suggs looks like a penis? Well, even if you agree, you'd probably never say it to their face. So, here's how they'd react instead.

Hats off to Kimmel and his writers for yet another entertaining bit.

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