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Juan Castillo beginning to succeed as OL coach with Ravens

After enduring a lot of criticism in 2013, Juan Castillo's offensive line is beginning to stand out.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Last year was abysmal for the Ravens as a whole, but more prevalent being the transition from the man blocking scheme that seemed so effective for our post-season title travels, to the new zone blocking that Juan Castillo implemented the following year.

With last years struggles people were calling to end Castillo's Baltimore tenure. The Ravens had lost Matt Birk to retirement, and the replacement center ensued being ranked 35 of 32 centers. Yes, this isn't a typo.

Three backup centers were ranked ahead, giving him a 35th rank of 32 starting centers in the league. Who is now replaced by Jeremy Zuttah, a name that hasn't been mentioned much (in a good way) since starting for the Ravens.

Baltimore has seemingly found their stride now, with being ranked first in rush yards during the pre-season, and currently being able to block for the triple headed running back talents in Justin Forsett, Bernard Pierce, and rookie, Lorenzo Taliaferro.

What some didn't realize in yesterday's game was Baltimore started an undrafted rookie by the name of James Hurst for left tackle. Starting left tackle Eugene Monroe has been out after having knee surgery a few days prior to Sundays game.

The entire game I'll admit I was worried for Joe Flacco, wondering if he would need to clean off the all black jersey from being thrown to the turf, but the offensive line prevailed. The team is playing with confidence, strength, poise, and Baltimore is putting up the points on offense with such good running and pass blocking protection.