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John Harbaugh has no interest in the Michigan job

The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson writes that Harbaugh is happy in Baltimore.

Jason Miller

The Harbaugh family will long be linked with the University of Michigan.

Jack Harbaugh, the patriarch of the family, was an assistant coach there under Bo Schembechler. Therefore, NFL coaches John Harbaugh (Ravens) and Jim Harbaugh (49ers) spent a long part of their childhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan around the football program.

While John Harbaugh wasn't good enough to play defensive back at Michigan and therefore went to Miami (Ohio), Jim Harbaugh went on to become one of the university's great quarterbacks. With the coaching success the Harbaughs have had over the past decade, both were considered candidates in the past — mainly when the program fired Rich Rodriguez and ultimately decided on Brady Hoke (which has turned into a nightmare for Maize and Blue fans).

But it doesn't look like Michigan will have a shot at landing John Harbaugh. As The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson writes, the Ravens head coach is happy with his current situation in the NFL.

From the report:

"The source said there are multiple reasons why John Harbaugh wouldn't be inclined to go after the job beyond his friendship and loyalty to Hoke. A big reason is that Harbaugh is content as coach of the Ravens (3-1), with whom he won Super Bowl XLVII just two seasons ago over Jim Harbaugh's 49ers."

That's good news for Ravens fans. It's bad news for Michigan fans, wondering how their storied school has turned into a punching bag.

Let's be real for a moment: Why would any established coach — alum, child of an alum or someone that loves the history and once-greatness of the Big Ten — want to go coach at Michigan? And that includes Jim Harbaugh, for that matter. Michigan is a historical program that once held significance in college football. Now, it's a joke. A lot of that has to do with the (lack of a) job athletics director Dave Brandon has done there. The place is so dysfunctional, going back to the last few years of the Lloyd Carr era which continued under Brandon's watch, that it's a lose-lose situation for any coach until a new face comes in to oversee the entire athletics program.

Michigan is now a basketball school. The rebuilding efforts will take some time there and no one should envy the poor soul that eventually does decide to inevitably take the job.

At least Rich Rodriguez improved during his three years now, despite the horrible win/loss record he put up (15-22). Brandon and his signature hire Hoke have collectively imploded the program after going 11-2 in year one with Rodriguez's recruits.

So no, Harbaugh doesn't have interest. And he shouldn't have interest. Until that place guts itself from the inside out, no one should have interest.