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Ravens using running back by committee to their advantage

Three Ravens' running backs have led the team in carries over the first three weeks of the season.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens run game has been unpredictable. The opponent doesn't really know which particular running back to prepare for the most. Thus, this leads them game planning for all three guys equally as much. It's quite an advantage for the Ravens.

While they only have to prepare for one running back, or two tops, other teams have to prepare for three when they face the Ravens. They have three talented running backs on the roster that get the bulk of the carries and all three are threats.

In Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals, it was veteran Justin Forsett receiving the most carries with 11 totaling 70 yards. However, even with a 6.4 yard-per-rush average in Week 1, he did not receive the most carries in Week 2.

On Thursday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was Bernard Pierce leading the team in carries with 22. After the Ravens released former-starting running back Ray Rice, Pierce was expected to be the lead back and it looked that way in Week 2.

However, after rushing for 96 yards and more than doubling the next closest man in carries, he missed the Week 3 match up against the Cleveland Browns. With that said, one would think that the number one running back spot would return to veteran Justin Forsett. That, however, was not the case.

In Week 3, it was rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro out of Coastal Carolina leading the team in carries and taking advantage of his first opportunity as a pro. He received 18 carries for 91 yards and have placed the Ravens with what we call a good problem.

Which back are they supposed to start and which of them should team's prepare for the most?

I think, if anything, this is an advantage to the Ravens because opponents just don't know which running back will be the primary one. When game-planning; a team must study Pierce, Forsett, and Taliaferro equally as much.

I think that the Ravens should stick with what they're doing. See who has the hot hand, and go with it. After falling at 31st in the league in rushing last season, the Ravens are top ten in the league with 411 yards through three games. Clearly it's working, and there is no reason to change a good thing.